Awesome List for Phoenix
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Awesome List for Phoenix. Compiles a list of awesome references from the az-webdevs channel.

Resources for Organization

Coworking Spaces

Job Boards And Recruiting

Dev Friendly Spaces

Hackerspaces And Makerspaces

Code Academies

Dev Shops In Phoenix


Homegrown Open-Source Software

  • AOM - Making construction operations more profitable
  • chirpers - IoT Framework written in Javascript!
  • computes - Massive decentralized computing network
  • dogesay - Say it with doge
  • emo - Japanese emoticons at your fingertips (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)
  • gdex - g(it) d(iff) ex(plorer) - Interactive branch compare
  • gravy-tap - Tap runner for Sauce Labs, uses horsey-sauce
  • gsex - g(it) s(tash) ex(plorer) - Interactive git stash
  • Gulp - Automate and enhance your workflow
  • guppy - Simple git-hook integration for your gulp workflows
  • horsey-sauce - Run javascript code in a real browser on Sauce Labs, useful for testing
  • howard - isomorphic fetch wrapper of great reknown
  • jp - Simply parse JSON from any input source
  • json5conv - Command-line JSON5 to JSON converter
  • pagenodes - Internet of Things directly from your Web Browser
  • redux-thunks - Redux action creators meets redux-thunk, best used along side redux-actions, redux-act, or similar

Companies With Devs In Phoenix