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My Dot Files

They're awesome right? Just remember that everything I'm making here is completely opinionated. The good news is this is the source, and you can change whatever you want!! I will take pull requests for anything you want to add as long as it is tested. I'll probably start poking around with the other 3 more popular flavors of Linux.

Strong Opinions Of Note

  • I've used linux for a long time as an end user, and I personally find Ubuntu to be my preference, so you may find some very Ubuntu leaning configs.
  • For the Keyboard loaders, they are just a collection of my favorite xmodmap configs.
  • I use Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplets for my VPS(even to the extent of working from them. I also use mosh for almost all setups.
  • Almost every user reading this should understand how to install Git on their system.
  • I really like ([maximum-awesome], but I disagree about using rake to install anything outside of ruby.
  • I like using nodesource to install nodejs, and I also like node.js. You can do whatever you want outside of that.



  • Xcode
  • Brew
  • MacOS
  • Git


####vim setup I am currently using vim-plug:

  1. cd ubuntu/ use this folder
  2. ./ install apps needed
  3. vim Open vim
  4. :PlugInstall install vim-plug plugins
  5. :UpdateRemotePlugins update deoplete
  6. ./ update permissions for global installs with npm
  • Apt(probably will have it).
  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Preferably git, but the initial scripts should get this.

Important: You will need to make sure you update your node install on any linux intall with This Link


git clone &&
cd my-dotfiles &&
./options &&

TODO & Requests

[ ] Hyperterm integration [ ] Better Menu options, I suck at bash [ ] Increased VPS scripts to make interaction with them easier. [x] Auto Fix for npm permissions on linx Like this [ ] Multiple Terminal Configs(bash, fish, etc.) [ ] Fedora Configs [ ] Arch Configs [ ] Create an loader for specific environments(tmux with X windows). [ ] More Keyboard modmaps for linux environments. [ ] Xmodmap auto-load functionalities. [ ] Windows? [ ] Different .vimrc setups(I've heard this one is amazing)