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A sane workflow for managing large circleci configurations.
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CircleCI Multi-File Config

A sane workflow for managing large circleci configurations.


CircleCI configuration can grow very large, this project lets you break up your config into separate files for ease of management.

As a bonus, it also allows you to use full 2.1 syntax, including orbs, even on on-prem CircleCI Enterprise which currently only supports 2.0 syntax.

What is it?

This repo contains a Makefile and other required supporting files in copythis.circleci/ which you can copy to your own project's .circleci/ directory. The Makefile's main target make ci-config generates a single 2.0 syntax .circleci/config.yml from the yml file tree in .circleci/config/ in 2.0 or 2.1 syntax.


Copy everything (including dotfiles) in copythis.circleci to your own project's .circleci directory. Copy the git pre-commit hook file to that project's .git/hooks directory, so you don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Once that is done, see the usage README in that directory.

If you already have a .circleci/config.yml simply rename it to @config.yml and then run make ci-config. You can begin breaking up the @config.yml into separate files under the .circleci/config directory, as you see fit.

This is all supported by the circleci-cli tool anyway, but the Makefile and git hook make it much more convenient to use.


Please see the Usage README!

What does each file do?

├──                # This file.
├── copythis.circleci        # Dir containing stuff to copy.
│   ├── .gitattributes       # This file tells GitHub not to show diffs for the generated config.yml
│   ├── .gitignore           # This file tells git to ignore temp files.
│   ├── Makefile             # This is the main file defining the workflow.
│   ├──            # The usage README. You should copy this into your .circleci dir too!
│   └── pre-commit           # Git pre-commit hook. Highly recommended to use this.
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