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Docker images for Samsara's third-party components


Samsara uses several third-party components, such as Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Kafka, ElasticSearch, Kibana etc. The aim of this project is to produce production quality Docker images for those components.

How to start a local environment

A local environment is ideal for development and testing purposes. It setup a fully running cluster with all components but without fault tolerance.

Please make sure you have latest docker and docker-composed installed.

If you are running this for the first time, you won't have any of the docker images. If you want to build them from scratch, then proceed with the How To build and push docker images A good suggestion is to start with pulling them all.

cd samsara-docker-images
docker-compose pull

Now to start the services:

docker-compose up -d

# wait for all components to come up

# check the status with
docker-compose ps

Once the service is up and running you can then access the following main services

service port

NOTE: if you running on boot2docker (Mac OSX) you have to replace with the ip of the docker vm (typically

Data paths and logs are mounted on /tmp/data and /tmp/logs respectively.

NOTE: for boot2docker these paths will reside in the VM not on the host.

Every container will expose the port 15000 for the supervisord admin console. here a full list of ports

               Name                              Command               State                                    Ports
samsaradockerimages_elasticsearch_1   /bin/sh -c /configure-and- ...   Up>15000/tcp,>9200/tcp,>9300/tcp
samsaradockerimages_grafana_1         /                          Up>80/tcp
samsaradockerimages_influxdb_1        /                          Up>8083/tcp, 8084/tcp,>8086/tcp
samsaradockerimages_ingestion_1       /bin/sh -c /configure-and- ...   Up>15000/tcp,>9000/tcp
samsaradockerimages_kafka_1           /bin/sh -c /configure-and- ...   Up>15000/tcp,>9092/tcp
samsaradockerimages_kibana_1          /bin/sh -c /configure-and- ...   Up>15000/tcp,>8000/tcp
samsaradockerimages_qanal_1           /bin/sh -c /configure-and- ...   Up>15000/tcp
samsaradockerimages_riemann_1         /bin/sh -c /start-supervis ...   Up>5555/tcp, 5555/udp, 5556/tcp
samsaradockerimages_zookeeper_1       /bin/sh -c /configure-and- ...   Up>15000/tcp,>2181/tcp, 2888/tcp, 3888/tcp

To stop all services.

docker-compose kill

How to do manual bootstrap

An automatic bootstrap process should be triggered via the bootstrap container. In case it fails of you want to set up the topics manually run the following commands.

docker-compose run kafka bash
% /opt/kafka/bin/ --zookeeper $ZOOKEEPER_1_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR --create --topic ingestion --replication-factor 1 --partitions 5
% /opt/kafka/bin/ --zookeeper $ZOOKEEPER_1_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR --create --topic ingestion-kv --replication-factor 1 --partitions 5
% /opt/kafka/bin/ --zookeeper $ZOOKEEPER_1_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR --create --topic events --replication-factor 1 --partitions 5

% /opt/kafka/bin/ --zookeeper $ZOOKEEPER_1_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR --describe

Topic:events	PartitionCount:1	ReplicationFactor:1	Configs:
	Topic: events	Partition: 0	Leader: 1	Replicas: 1	Isr: 1

# optionally start a console consumer
% /opt/kafka/bin/ --zookeeper $ZOOKEEPER_1_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR --topic events

% exit

On the docker host:

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/events-test' -d '{
    "settings" : {
        "number_of_shards" : 3,
        "number_of_replicas" : 0

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/kibana' -d '{
    "settings" : {
        "number_of_shards" : 1,
        "number_of_replicas" : 0

How To build and push docker images

If you want to build all docker images with the right tags.

NOTE: make sure you have previously run ../bin/ which will build all the software components.

# build the images
# if no version number/tag is passed samsara.version is used
DOCKER_OPTS=--no-cache ../bin/ [version-tag-here]


Copyright © 2015-2017 Samsara's authors.

Distributed under the Apache License v 2.0 (

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