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Dynamic Config File Parser And Generator
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The Dynamic Config File Parser And Generator Code Climate

What is Krakken?

Krakken is a simple library for Ruby that allows for simple generation and parsing of configuration files.


gem install krakken

How Does it Work?

If you want to parse or write a configuration file, create a new Krakken like so:

config =

And either tell it to parse or write a file with the desired settings.

To Write A Config File:

# Define the keys and values in a hash
settings = { "name" => "Krakken", "job" => "Config File Specialist" }

# And save to disk. If no output filename is given, the default is "settings.conf"

And to Parse:

# Tell it where to find the config file or use the default.
results = config.parse

# Retrieve the values stored in the settings file and output to the screen
puts results["name"]
puts results["job"]

# Which looks like:
Config File Speciallist

To Do

Add the ability to add comments to a config file made by Krakken. So far we can parse comments that are started with '#' but they have to be added in by hand.

Additionally, there is a code climate page at

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