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Hypem NodeJS Wrapper

This is an unofficial nodejs wrapper around the (undocumented? -- I couldn't find anything) Hype Machine ( public API. It is a port of @JackCA's implementation of a Ruby gem of the API. Note that there are some differences.


npm install node-hypem


For general usage:

var Hypem = require("node-hypem");

The Hypem object has both a Playlist object, which can grab information about the various song lists on the hypem website, and a User object which returns playlists specific to the provided user.

All callbacks are of the form function(err, response).


Playlist functions return JSON playlist data. All parameters except for filter are required (which defaults to all). As the API does not provide cursors, paging may have concurrency issues if you don't monitor changes.

// Filter options: "all", "lastweek", "remix", "noremix", "artists", "twitter"
Hypem.playlist.popular(filter, page_number, callback)

// Filter options: "all", "remix", "noremix", "fresh", or country code 
// ("ca", "us", "fr", etc) 
Hypem.playlist.latest(filter, page_number, callback)
Hypem.playlist.artist(artist_name, page_number, callback)

// "blog_id" is the siteid (number), not it's name, page_number, callback), page_number, callback)

// API warns against using too many tags
Hypem.playlist.tags([tag_array], page_number, callback)


Hypem.user(user_name) creates a new user object. If the username is invalid, null is returned.

The following requests return playlists of tracks specific to the user.

Hypem.user(user_name).loved(page_number, callback)
Hypem.user(user_name).feed(page_number, callback)
Hypem.user(user_name).obsessed(page_number, callback)
Hypem.user(user_name).people(page_number, callback)
Hypem.user(user_name).people_history(page_number, callback)
Hypem.user(user_name).people_obsessed(page_number, callback)

Additionally, the following user specific requests are also available:

// Returns null on invalid username

// Returns [ ] on invalid username/no friends

// Returns null on invalid username/no favorite blogs