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A library for async & FRP-ish programming in C#
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ReactSharp is a library that provides async and functional reactive programming-like primitives. It can serve as the basis for a user interface toolkit, or any other library that has a model on which clients will listen and to which they will react.

Core Concepts

ReactSharp provides three main abstractions:

  • Future/Promise - asynchronous computations which eventually compute a value, along with mechanisms to chain and combine async computations.
  • Value - a reactive value which reports to observers when it changes.
  • Signal - a source of events which can be filtered, transformed, etc. Like a poor man's Observable, but works nicely with Value & Future.

The Java library from whence this came provides more reactive datatypes (Set, List, Map, Queue). Perhaps ReactSharp will grow to include those as well some day.


ReactSharp was ported from the Java react library (same author for both libraries) and made as C-sharpy as possible given the limitated C# experience of a Java programmer forced to work in the Unity salt mines.


ReactSharp is released under the New BSD License. The most recent version of the library is available at


Questions, comments, and other communications should be directed to the OOO Libraries Google Group.

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