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That's Enormous!

That's Enormous was a game show that Tom ran at his house for a few years. After the first "episode", I decided he needed proper software instead of a hacked up Excel spreadsheet, so I wrote some.

It's all pretty "installation art" quality, but I put it up here for historical amusements.


Click the names of players to configure the first and subsequent active player for that team.

Click a question to activate it.

Press '1', '2' or '3' to buzz in for a particular player.

When a player is buzzed in, press:

  • 'y' to confirm that their answer was correct and score for that player
  • 'n' to confirm that their answer was incorrect and deduct points
  • 'c' to cancel the question without any scoring adjustment

Hold down the shift key and click the name of a player to cash in their points for stars.

  • 6 points - 1 star
  • 9 points - 2 stars
  • 12 points - 3 stars
  • etc.

Click on the category headers to see the per-player status at any time during a round. Then click on the status display to return to the round.

Hold down the shift key and click on any of the category headers to end the current round. Click on the status display to start the next round.


A client for running That's Enormous! party games.



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