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BUI has long since been retired. JME has gone through multiple major releases since BUI was last maintained. The developers of BUI have put their efforts into a new engine, with accompanying user interface toolkit (which has its origins in the BUI source code), called Clyde.


The Banana User Interface (BUI) toolkit is built atop the jMonkeyEngine (JME), a 3D engine for Java that is currently built on top of LWJGL. BUI aimed to provide an interface toolkit with the following characteristics:

  • A component hierarchy and event dispatch model familiar to users of Swing and the AWT
  • An easily customizable look and feel to allow game developers the necessary flexibility to create an interface consistent with their game's art style
  • As full-featured as possible a user experience, providing standard UI functionality such as focus, cut and paste, keyboard navigation and control and so forth (we have a long way to go on this front)
  • An open source license that allows the toolkit to be used and extended at no cost by developers working on personal and commercial projects