Simple API that wraps Maven's Aether repository management system.
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Maven Fetcher

This library provides a greatly simplified interface to Maven's Aether repository system, allowing one to download Maven artifacts into a user's local Maven repository with a minimum degree of fuss.

It is adapted from the Capsule project. Capsule is designed for all wrinkles to be ironed out up front and thus tends to handle any errors by blowing everything up. This library expects to be used in situations where developers will be editing Maven dependencies and may make mistakes, and thus it provides better failure handling for unresolvable dependencies.


Like so:

Path home = Paths.get(System.getProperty("user.home"));
Path m2 = home.resolve(".m2/repository");
DependencyManager mgr = new DependencyManager(m2, null, false, false);
Map<Coord,Path> results = mgr.resolveDependencies(Arrays.asList(
  new Coord("junit", "junit", "4.11", "jar")));

Et voila!

Set -Dmfetcher.log=verbose to see all the messy details and/or debug failures.