Scala library for reading Maven POM files
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This is a Scala library for extracting project metadata from Maven POM files. It does not aim to reproduce all of Maven's functionality, but rather to make it easy to extract basic metadata for a project for use by simple development tools.


The POM class exposes the metadata from a pom.xml file:

val pom = POM.fromFile(new File("pom.xml"))
// do what you will with pom.groupId, pom.artifactId, etc.

A POM's dependencies are modeled via the Dependency class, and one can locate said dependencies in the local Maven repository if desired:

val pom = POM.fromFile(new File("pom.xml"))
pom.depends map(_.localArtifact) foreach { f => println("File: " + f.getPath) }


pom-util is released under the New BSD License, which can be found in the LICENSE file.