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The Electronic Health Records Portal

Medical errors cause up to 400,000 deaths per year and nearly 10,000 serious medical complications each day, ... When you take a step back and look at these [errors], studies show that 80 percent of them result from miscommunications between caregivers during transitions of care, ... hospitals waste $12 billion per year, or about 2 percent of revenue, as a result of poor communication... - Dr. James Woodson, Becker's Hospital Review


EHRport breaks down the silos between electronic health records to give all of your doctors access to data in the same repository

Allergies, medications, chronic conditions, family history, and more all in one place

The more your doctors communicate, the better off you are

Insurance providers and family can also access records with authentication


You own your records, and should decide who has access to them

Restrict doctors to only the rooms, boards, and even individual records that you want them to see


Secure key exchange via RFID card to authenticate new doctors - requires physical contact with a trusted doctor

End-to-end encryption for data transfer once doctors have been authenticated

Two Factor Authentication for record access

Basic health information available with RFID card for emergency responders


$12 billion dollars are wasted per year due to poor communication

Ease of communication saves money for doctors, insurance providers, and patients

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