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Pizzazz is a simple pure Ruby implementation of code coloring, but just for JSON. Basically, if you have a ruby object and want to show it converted to JSON and add HTML around it so you can color it.

Cheddar uses this to show example output of it's API calls. Check it out.


Pizzazzifing an object is simple:

object = { name: 'Sam Soffes', website: '' }
#=> "{\n  <span class=\"string\">\"name\"</span>: <span class=\"string\">\"Sam Soffes\"</span>,\n  <span class=\"string\">\"website\"</span>: <span class=\"string\">\"\"</span>\n}"

You can optionally limit arrays as well:

Pizzazz.ify(all_of_the_things, limit: 1)

This will add an ellipses after the first element.


Spans are added around various elements. Here's the classes:

  • string
  • constant (true or false)
  • null
  • number

Everything else is left alone.

If you want it wrapped in <pre class="pizzazz"> (and call html_safe if possible), do the following:



If you're using the asset pipeline, you can simply require pizzazz to get my stylesheet. Be sure your <pre> has the pizzazz class. If you use ify_html it will automatically do this.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'pizzazz'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install pizzazz

Simple as that. Enjoy.

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