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@@ -16,3 +16,13 @@ Simply initialize the view controller with the person and address book.
[personViewController release];
See the demo project for further examples.
+## History
+I originally wrote this for a client. They said it would be fine if I open sourced it and put it in [SSToolkit]( I had it in a [topic branch]( for awhile, but decided to move it to it's own repository instead of adding it to SSToolkit. I figured that most people probably won't use this, but they would have to add `AddressBook.framework` and `AddressBookUI.framework` to their project just to use SSToolkit. I also don't plan on working on this any time soon.
+I did the same thing for [SSMessagesViewController](
+## Bugs
+There is [one known bug]( The view will not refresh its data when the address book changes. Feel free to fork and improve!

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