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SSToolkit makes life easier. It is made up of various view controllers, views, and categories that I use in all of my apps. Feel free to fork the repo and make it better.

If you're using this in your project, I'd love to hear about it! Send me an email and let me know which pieces you're using and such.


Install the documentation into Xcode with the following steps:

  1. Open Xcode Preferences
  2. Choose Downloads
  3. Choose the Documentation tab
  4. Click the plus button in the bottom right and enter the following URL:
  5. Click Install next the new row reading "SSKeychain Documentation"

Be sure you have the docset selected in the organizer to see results for SSToolkit.

You can also read the SSToolkit Documentation online.



  • SSAnimatedImageView - easily create timed or keyframed animations
  • SSBadgeView - badge accessory view for table cells, similar to unread counts
  • SSBorderedView - draw boxes with top and bottom borders with optional insets
  • SSCollectionView - simple collection view modeled after UITableView and NSCollectionView
  • SSGradientView - easily create gradients with optional borders and insets
  • SSHUDView - simple heads-up display
  • SSLabel - vertically align and inset your text
  • SSLineView - easily create solid, dotted, or dashed lines with an inset
  • SSLoadingView - flexible loading view
  • SSPieProgressView - pie chart style progress bar similar to the one in Xcode's status bar
  • SSWebView - handy delegate additions and control over shadows and scroll


View Controllers



Several categories are included and used throughout SSToolkit.

Adding SSToolkit to your project

For installation instructions, see the getting started guide on the SSToolkit website.


For usage instructions, see the usage guide on the SSToolkit website.


SSCatalog is included with SSToolkit. There is an iPhone application target and an universal iPad/iPhone application target to demonstrate the various features of SSToolkit.



Huge thanks to our contributors, Jake Marsh, and Mike Rundle.

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