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// SSDrawingUtilities.h
// SSToolkit
// Created by Sam Soffes on 4/22/10.
// Copyright 2010-2011 Sam Soffes. All rights reserved.
/// @name Degree and Radian Conversion
A macro that converts a number from degress to radians.
@param d number in degrees
@return The number converted to radians.
#define DEGREES_TO_RADIANS(d) ((d) * 0.0174532925199432958f)
A macro that converts a number from radians to degrees.
@param r number in radians
@return The number converted to degrees.
#define RADIANS_TO_DEGREES(r) ((r) * 57.29577951308232f)
Limits a float to the `min` or `max` value. The float is between `min` and `max` it will be returned unchanged.
@param f The float to limit.
@param min The minumum value for the float.
@param max The minumum value for the float.
@return A float limited to the `min` or `max` value.
extern CGFloat SSFLimit(CGFloat f, CGFloat min, CGFloat max);
/// @name Rectangle Manipulation
extern CGRect CGRectSetX(CGRect rect, CGFloat x);
extern CGRect CGRectSetY(CGRect rect, CGFloat y);
extern CGRect CGRectSetWidth(CGRect rect, CGFloat width);
extern CGRect CGRectSetHeight(CGRect rect, CGFloat height);
extern CGRect CGRectSetOrigin(CGRect rect, CGPoint origin);
extern CGRect CGRectSetSize(CGRect rect, CGSize size);
extern CGRect CGRectSetZeroOrigin(CGRect rect);
extern CGRect CGRectSetZeroSize(CGRect rect);
extern CGSize CGSizeAspectScaleToSize(CGSize size, CGSize toSize);
extern CGRect CGRectAddPoint(CGRect rect, CGPoint point);
/// @name Drawing Rounded Rectangles
extern void SSDrawRoundedRect(CGContextRef context, CGRect rect, CGFloat cornerRadius);
/// @name Creating Gradients
extern CGGradientRef SSCreateGradientWithColors(NSArray *colors);
extern CGGradientRef SSCreateGradientWithColorsAndLocations(NSArray *colors, NSArray *locations);
/// @name Drawing Gradients
extern void SSDrawGradientInRect(CGContextRef context, CGGradientRef gradient, CGRect rect);