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A minimal Mac OS X client


  • Mountain Lion
  • Xcode 4.5(latest beta), maybe 4.4
  • Courage


  • Create a client app.
  • Use "x-com-toxicsoftware-appstream:///" as the Callback URL.
  • NEW: I've embedded a client_id into the source. You do not need to make your own app on
  • Don't forget to do a submodule update:

    git submodule update --init --recursive

  • Build and run the app, follow the instructions for setting the client id


  • I want to make a stable featureful client that works really well in full screen mode. Whether this means multiple column (tweetdeck style but less shit) or not is up for debate


  • UI is ass. Not too interested in UI until basic network and database functionality is there.
  • Overloading of the term stream: - this is a problem in code. As real streams come online I expect a refactor will be needed.
  • User Lists
  • User Info
  • Post detail view
  • Database will grow and grow. Need to prune at some point.
  • Code is being "sketched out" and is far from well designed. Expect a lot of churn/refactoring
  • Deleting (implemented)
  • Refresh (implemented)
  • Polling (implemented)
  • Posting (implemented)
  • Replies (implemented)
  • User notifications (implemented)


  • Use the Latent Semantic Mapping framework to classify posts
  • Intelligently handle hashtags, usernames, urls etc - provide popover contextual info/actions on these item, e.g. hashtags popover will have a "view all posts with this hashtag" action.
  • Markdown support
  • Built in filtering, blocking, spam control and triggered actions
  • Relying on server to fix spam problem is foolish
  • Actions include user notifications, scripts?
  • Built in fav star style functionality
  • Statistics on your behavior and on per people (how spammy is that person, how many tweets per hour enter my stream)


  • I haven't included a license yet but all code will be licensed under the BSD 2 clause license.
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