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A collection of different generic views & utilities for Cappuccino, extracted from Observer.

A demo is available at, with the source code in the LPKit-Examples repository.

LPKit requires Cappuccino 0.8.1.


Place the entire LPKit folder in your Frameworks folder, or any directory that you add using OBJJ_INCLUDE_PATHS.

What's inside

Slide view

LPSlideView lets you slide between different subviews. Only one subview will be visible, and the sliding only shows the relevant subviews - no matter how many other views might be between them.

Calendar view

calendar view

LPCalendarView is a calendar view based on the iPhone calendar app, with the same sliding when changing months. Currently supports selecting days & weeks, also marking a special day as highlighted - such as the current day or week.


calendar view

A fully customizable chart view that can be used to implement either Bar or Line charts.


calendar view

A fully customizable pie chart view.



A simple sparkline chart, comparable to the Google Chart sparklines - but using CoreGraphics rather than an image.

Switch control

switch control

A port of the UISwitch from the iPhone SDK, with the same behavior and feel.

Anchor Button

A control which can either simulate anchors, or if provided with a CPURL creates an anchor element. Useful for creating hyperlinks.



A simple object which lets you validate emails, for now. NOTE: the current regexp is broken, needs to be replaced with one that actually works.


A wrapper around CPURLRequest to make working with post requests a bit simpler. Rather than manually settings the HTTPBody & Content-Type, you pass it a javascript object with key value pairs of strings which you want to send as a POST request.


var request = [LPURLPostRequest requestWithURL:[CPURL URLWithString:@"/my-url/"]],
    content = {
                  'name': 'Lorem ipsum',
                  'age': '18'

[request setContent:content]
[CPURLConnection connectionWithRequest:request delegate:self];


A utility class to work with document.cookie, without the tedious stuff.


var cookieController = [LPCookieController sharedCookieController];

// Set a session, which will be deleted when the browser closes.
[cookieController setValue:@"My value" forKey:@"MyKey"];

// Set a cookie which won't be flushed
[cookieController setValue:@"My value" forKey:@"MyOtherKey" expirationDate:[CPDate distantFuture]];

// Get the value of the session
console.log('value for MyKey: ' + [cookieController valueForKey:@"MyKey"]);


LPKit makes heavy use of the theme API in Cappuccino. An example on how to use themes with LPKit is available in in the LPKit-Examples repository which has a demo theme with an Aristo inspired look.