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// UIAlertView+marshmallows.m
// DatingX
// Created by Sami Samhuri on 11-08-24.
// Copyright 2011 Sami Samhuri. All rights reserved.
#import "UIAlertView+marshmallows.h"
#import "UIAlertViewDelegate.h"
@implementation UIAlertView (UIAlertView_marshmallows)
+ (void) showAlertWithTitle: (NSString *)title message: (NSString *)message
[[[[self alloc] initWithTitle: title
message: message
delegate: nil
cancelButtonTitle: @"OK"
otherButtonTitles: nil] autorelease] show];
+ (void) confirmWithTitle: (NSString *)title message: (NSString *)message then: (UIAlertViewCallback)callback
[self confirmWithTitle: title message: message cancelTitle: @"Cancel" okTitle: @"OK" then: callback];
+ (void) confirmWithTitle: (NSString *)title
message: (NSString *)message
cancelTitle: (NSString *)cancelTitle
okTitle: (NSString *)okTitle
then: (UIAlertViewCallback)callback
[[[[self alloc] initWithTitle: title
message: message
delegate: [UIAlertViewDelegate alertViewDelegateWithCallback: callback]
cancelButtonTitle: cancelTitle
otherButtonTitles: okTitle, nil] autorelease] show];
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