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WebSockets for Cappuccino
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A WebSocket implementation for Cappuccino.

Test it out by running runserver.js from node.websocket (with Node) and then browsing to TestHarness/index.html with a browser that supports WebSockets (such as Google Chrome).


The API is very simple, like the native API. You can only open, close, and send messages with CPWebSocket. When you instantiate CPWebSocket you pass in a delegate that implements a few methods.

A short example:

// In a method somewhere

// ...
var webSocket = [CPWebSocket openWebSocketWithURL: @"ws://localhost:8080" delegate: self]
// ...

// in the delegate implementation:

- (void)webSocketDidOpen: (CPWebSocket)ws
    CPLog('web socket open: ' + [ws URL]);

- (void)webSocket: (CPWebSocket)ws didReceiveMessage: (CPString)message
    CPLog('web socket received message: ' + message);

- (void)webSocketDidClose: (CPWebSocket)ws
    CPLog('web socket closed');

- (void)webSocketDidReceiveError: (CPWebSocket)ws
    CPLog('web socket error');

// ...
// somewhere else
// ...

    [webSocket send: @"Hey, this is pretty slick!"];


Copyright 2010 Sami Samhuri

MIT License

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