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* hash.h
* Lake Scheme
* Copyright 2011 Sami Samhuri
* MIT License
* Lifted from TJ Holowaychuk's Luna.
#ifndef _LAKE_HASH_H
#define _LAKE_HASH_H
#include "khash.h"
#include "common.h"
KHASH_MAP_INIT_STR(value, void *);
typedef khash_t(value) lake_hash_t;
#define lake_hash_make() kh_init(value)
#define lake_hash_free(h) kh_destroy(value, h)
bool lake_hash_has(khash_t(value) *h, char *key);
void lake_hash_put(khash_t(value) *h, char *key, void *val);
void *lake_hash_get(khash_t(value) *h, char *key);
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