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sjs 2009-12-08
v 1.0.0b (beta)
- Implemented mojo-switch-to-last-view, switches to the last
visited Mojo view. Several supporting functions mainly
abstracted from existing functions that groked some part of a
Mojo project.
- Turned debugging off by default.
- Added some docstrings and updated docs to reflect new
sjs 2009-12-07
v 0.9.10 (bug fix)
- All arguments sent through mojo-cmd now quoted before being
sent to the shell (in case filenames contain spaces). Values
are unintelligently wrapped in double quotes, this is *not*
escaping, just brain-dead quoting.
- New default key binding: C-c C-c C-d runs mojo-target-device
sjs 2009-12-04
v 0.9.9 (bug fix)
- Fixed the value of *mojo-switch-suffixes*, which was confusing
sjs 2009-12-04
v 0.9.8 (framework_config.json support)
- Implemented support for framework_config.json. Functions for
both reading and writing all known values.
sjs 2009-12-03
v 0.9.7 (hooks)
- Added mojo-setup-mode-hooks which adds
mojo-maybe-enable-minor-mode to the specified mode hooks.
When the hooked modes are activated on files under a Mojo
project root also activate mojo-mode.
sjs 2009-12-01
v 0.9.6 (minor mode)
- Created mojo-mode, a minor mode with keybindings.
- Prefixed *all* functions with "mojo-".
sjs 2009-11-24
v 0.9.5 (bug fix)
- Now that I have a real Palm Pre device I was able to test
device support. Turns out I couldn't (easily) target the
device because mojo-target-device was not interactive.
sjs 2009-11-22
v 0.9.4 launch emulator if needed
- Commands that use the emulator launch it if necessary and wait
till it is fully booted before running commands.
sjs 2009-11-21
v 0.9.3 (one more bug fix for today)
- Don't pass -d switch to commands that don't accept it.
sjs 2009-11-21
v 0.9.2 (bug fixes)
- reading json files no longer messes up your buffer history.
- app list completion works now (caching bug)
sjs 2009-11-21
v 0.9.1
- Added mojo-package-install-and-launch.
- New variable for specifying whether commands target the device
or emulator, *mojo-target*. Set it to 'usb' for a real device
and 'tcp' for the emulator. Defaults to 'tcp'. To set the
default target you can use the convenience functions
mojo-target-device and mojo-target-emulator.
sjs 2009-11-20
v 0.9
- Automatically find Mojo project root by searching upwards for
- Added command for generating new scenes, mojo-generate-scene.
- mojo-package now operates only on the current project.
- Parse appinfo.json to get version, used for installing &
launching with less interaction.
- mojo-install, mojo-launch, mojo-inspect, and mojo-delete still
read in arguments but have the current project/app as the
default values.
- New convenience method: mojo-package-install-and-inspect
This function only operates on the active app and does not
read in any input.
- Remembered filenames and app ids are cleared when the Mojo
project root changes. (DWIM)
- Parse output of `palm-install --list` for app id completion.
App id completion was ported from cheat.el.
v 0.2 - Fixed some minor bugs
v 0.1 - Initial release