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1. Put json.el and mojo.el somewhere in your load-path.
(Use M-x show-variable RET load-path to see what your load path is.)
=> -- mojo.el and json.el
=> -- official json.el
2. Add this to your Emacs init file: (require 'mojo)
3. Enable mojo-mode for modes that you use for webOS, e.g.:
(mojo-setup-mode-hooks 'css-mode-hook 'js2-mode-hook
'espresso-mode-hook 'html-mode-hook)
* Note that this does not simply enable mojo-mode for these types
wholesale, but instead only enables mojo-mode when it finds that
the file is also under a Mojo project root (using mojo-project-p).
4. Make sure you customize the variables:
mojo-project-directory, mojo-sdk-directory and mojo-build-directory
(Use M-x customize-group RET mojo RET)
(optional but recommended)
5. js2-mode for JavaScript and espresso-mode for JSON.
That's it! You've got the most powerful Mojo development environment.
Check COMMANDS for a list of all interactive commands and key bindings.
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