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Copyright (c)2008 Jonathan Arkell. (by)(nc)(sa) Some rights reserved.
2009 Sami Samhuri
Distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License v2, see LICENSE.
Authors: Jonathan Arkell <>
Sami Samhuri <>
Mojo.el is an Emacs package that provides interactive functions to aid
the development of webOS apps. There is a minor mode that can be
toggled with the command `mojo-mode', or enabled automatically by
setting up mode hooks in your emacs config. There's a convenience
function called mojo-setup-mode-hooks that takes one or more hook
variable names and adds mojo-maybe-enable-minor-mode to each hook.
mojo-maybe-enable-minor-mode enables mojo-mode for files under a Mojo
project root.
Latest version is available on github:
And usually also on Emacs Wiki:
See INSTALL or mojo.el itself for instructions.
See COMMANDS or mojo.el itself.
Customizable options:
Path to where the mojo SDK is. (default ok for windows and mac os x)
default = (case system-type
((windows-nt) "c:/progra~1/palm/sdk")
((darwin) "/opt/PalmSDK/Current")
(t ""))
Directory where all your Mojo projects are located.
default = ""
Directory to store packaged Mojo applications.
default = ""
Run Mojo in debug mode. Assumed true while in such an early version.
default = t
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