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v0.1.32: 2010.03.12, Version 0.1.32

@ry ry tagged this Mar 13, 2010 · 4289 commits to master since this tag

  * Optimize event emitter for single listener

  * Add process.evalcx, require.registerExtension (Tim Smart)

  * Replace --cflags with --vars

  * Fix bugs in fs.create*Stream (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Deprecate process.mixin, process.unloop

  * Remove the 'Error: (no message)' exceptions, print stack
    trace instead

  * INI parser bug fixes (Isaac Schlueter)

  * FreeBSD fixes (Vanilla Hsu)

  * Upgrade to V8 2.1.3, WAF 1.5.14a, libev


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