v0.1.95: 2010.05.13, Version 0.1.95

@ry ry tagged this May 13, 2010 · 3839 commits to master since this tag

* Change GC idle notify so that it runs alongside setInterval

* Install node_buffer.h on make install

* fs.readFile returns Buffer by default (Tim Caswell)

* Fix error reporting in child_process callbacks

* Better logic for testing if an argument is a port

* Improve error reporting (single line "node.js:176:9" errors)

* Bugfix: Some http responses being truncated (appeared in 0.1.94)

* Fix long standing net idle timeout bugs. Enable 2 minute timeout
  by default in HTTP servers.

* Add fs.fstat (Ben Noordhuis)

* Upgrade to V8 2.2.9