v0.3.0: 2010.10.23, Version 0.3.0 (unstable)

@ry ry tagged this Oct 23, 2010 · 3122 commits to master since this tag

* Bugfix: Do not spin on aceept() with EMFILE

* Improvments to readline.js (Trent Mick, Johan Euphrosine, Brian White)

* Safe constructors (missing 'new' doesn't segfault)

* Fix process.nextTick so thrown errors don't confuse it.
  (Benjamin Thomas)

* Allow Strings for ports on net.Server.listen (Bradley Meck)

* fs bugfixes (Tj Holowaychuk, Tobie Langel, Marco Rogers, isaacs)

* http bug fixes (Fedor Indutny, Mikeal Rogers)

* Faster buffers; breaks C++ API (Tim-Smart, Stéphan Kochen)

* crypto, tls improvements (Paul Querna)

* Add lfs flags to node addon script

* Simpler querystring parsing; breaks API (Peter Griess)

* HTTP trailers (Mark Nottingham)

* http 100-continue support (Mark Nottingham)

* Module system simplifications (Herbert Vojčík, isaacs, Tim-Smart)
  - remove require.async
  - remove registerExtension, add .extensions
  - expose require.resolve
  - expose require.cache
  - require looks in  node_modules folders

* Add --eval command line option (TJ Holowaychuk)

* Commas last in sys.inspect

* Constatnts moved from process object to require('constants')

* Fix parsing of linux memory (Vitali Lovich)

* inspect shows function names (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* uncaughtException corner cases (Felix Geisendörfer)

* TCP clients now buffer writes before connection

* Rename sys module to 'util' (Micheil Smith)

* Properly set stdio handlers to blocking on SIGTERM and SIGINT
  (Tom Hughes)

* Add destroy methods to HTTP messages

* base64 improvements (isaacs, Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* API for defining REPL commands (Sami Samhuri)

* child_process.exec timeout fix (Aaron Heckmann)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.5.1, Libev to 4.00, libeio, http-parser