v0.3.1: 2010.11.16, Version 0.3.1 (unstable)

@ry ry tagged this Nov 17, 2010 · 2998 commits to master since this tag

* TLS improvments (Paul Querna)
  - Centralize error handling in SecureStream
  - Add SecurePair for handling of a ssl/tls stream.

* New documentation organization (Micheil Smith)

* allowHalfOpen TCP connections disabled by default.

* Add C++ API for constructing fast buffer from string

* Move idle timers into its own module

* Gracefully handle EMFILE and server.maxConnections

* make "node --eval" eval in the global scope.
  (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)

* Let exit listeners know the exit code (isaacs)

* Handle cyclic links smarter in fs.realpath (isaacs)

* Remove node-repl (just use 'node' without args)

* Rewrite libeio After callback to use req->result instead of req->errorno
  for error checking (Micheil Smith)

* Remove warning about deprecating 'sys' - too aggressive

* Make writes to process.env update the real environment. (Ben Noordhuis)

* Set FD_CLOEXEC flag on stdio FDs before spawning. (Guillaume Tuton)

* Move ev_loop out of javascript

* Switch \n with \r\n for all strings printed out.

* Added support for cross compilation (Rasmus Andersson)

* Add --profile flag to configure script, enables gprof profiling.
  (Ben Noordhuis)

* writeFileSync could exhibit pathological behavior when a buffer
  could not be written to the file in a single write() call.

* new path.join behavior (isaacs)
  - Express desired path.join behavior in tests.
  - Update fs.realpath to reflect new path.join behavior
  - Update url.resolve() to use new path.join behavior.

* API: Move process.binding('evals') to require('vm')

* Fix V8 build on Cygwin (Bert Belder)

* Add ref to buffer during fs.write and fs.read

* Fix segfault on test-crypto

* Upgrade http-parser to latest and V8 to 2.5.3