v0.3.7: 2011.01.27, Version 0.3.7 (unstable)

@ry ry tagged this Jan 28, 2011 · 2394 commits to master since this tag

* Expose agent in http and https client. (Mikeal Rogers)

* Fix bug in http request's end method. (Ali Farhadi)

* MinGW: better net support (Bert Belder)

* fs.open should set FD_CLOEXEC

* DTrace probes (Bryan Cantrill)

* REPL fixes and improvements (isaacs, Bert Belder)

* Fix many bugs with legacy http.Client interface

* Deprecate process.assert. Use require('assert').ok

* Add callback parameter to socket.setTimeout(). (Ali Farhadi)

* Fixing bug in http request default encoding (Ali Farhadi)

* require: A module ID with a trailing slash must be a dir.

* Add ext_key_usage to getPeerCertificate (Greg Hughes)

* Error when child_process.exec hits maxBuffer.

* Fix option parsing in tls.connect()

* Upgrade to V8 3.0.10