v0.4.0: 2011.02.10, Version 0.4.0 (stable)

@ry ry tagged this Feb 10, 2011 · 2312 commits to master since this tag

* require() improvements (isaacs)
  - understand package.json (isaacs)
  - look for 'node_modules' dir

* cmake fixes (Daniel Gröber)

* http: fix buffer writes to outgoing messages (Russell Haering)

* Expose UCS-2 Encoding (Konstantin Käfer)

* Support strings for octal modes (isaacs)

* Support array-ish args to Buffer ctor (isaacs)

* cygwin and mingw improvements (Bert Belder)

* TLS improvements

* Fewer syscalls during require (Bert Belder, isaacs)

* More DTrace probes (Bryan Cantrill,  Robert Mustacchi)

* 'pipe' event on pipe() (Mikeal Rogers)

* CRL support in TLS (Theo Schlossnagle)

* HTTP header manipulation methods (Tim Caswell, Charlie Robbins)

* Upgrade V8 to 3.1.2