v0.4.6: 2011.04.13, Version 0.4.6 (stable)

@ry ry tagged this Apr 14, 2011 · 2108 commits to master since this tag

* Don't error on ENOTCONN from shutdown() #670

* Auto completion of built-in debugger suggests prefix match rather than
	partial match. (koichik)

* circular reference in vm modules. #822 (Jakub Lekstan)

* http response.readable should be false after 'end' #867 (Abe Fettig)

* Implemenet os.cpus() and os.uptime() on Solaris (Scott McWhirter)

* fs.ReadStream: Allow omission of end option for range reads #801
	(Felix Geisendörfer)

* Buffer.write() with UCS-2 should not be write partial char
	#916 (koichik)

* Pass secureProtocol through on tls.Server creation (Theo Schlossnagle)

* TLS use RC4-SHA by default

* Don't strangely drop out of event loop on HTTPS client uploads #892

* Doc improvements

* Upgrade v8 to