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edit Node repl commands with your text editor
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Beautiful plumage. But this project no longer functions and some of the functionality here has been implemented in Node proper via .load and .save in the REPL. I will no longer maintain it (poorly and infrequently).

If you want to contribute a .edit command to Node that would be pretty snazzy. Now that the REPL sucks less it's less pressing though. You can paste in some code the REPL doesn't understand, or broken syntax, and then Ctrl-C your way out of it.


Use your text editor to edit commands in Node's repl.

(tip o' the hat to Giles Bowkett for inspiration)


npm install repl-edit


Typically you just type require('repl-edit') in node's repl and it will extend it with new commands, just like .break and .clear that come with node.

(You can also fire up a repl with editing capabilities by running node-repl-edit in your shell)



The first time you run .edit your editor is opened containing the last statement you entered. Type away and then save and close the file when you're done. The code will be loaded and executed immediately. When you subsequently run .edit your editor is opened and contains whatever you left there.

Your editor is determined by the VISUAL and EDITOR environment variables, in that order. You can also change the editor for a single edit by doing something like .edit vim.


.run runs the most recent command you've edited.


.editor mate -w changes your editor to TextMate for this session, by setting the environment variable VISUAL.


.stash /path/to/a/file saves your command to the named file.


.unstash /path/to/a/file restores the contents of that file for you to run and/or edit.


Copyright 2010 - 2011 Sami Samhuri

MIT license, see the included LICENSE

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