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Ruby String Extensions To Add Title Case Support

A set of methods added onto the String class to allow easy title casing of strings.

This extension is available as a gem via GitHub:

    $ sudo gem install samsouder-titlecase --source=


    require 'rubygems'
    require 'titlecase'
    puts "this is a test".titlecase

Derived from the rules set by John Gruber at <>. I also derived my test cases from his set. If you find any edge cases, please feel free to add them to the examples.yaml file.

Rules from John Gruber:
  - capitalize each word
  - downcase each of the small_words
  - words with capitals after the first character are left alone
  - words with periods are left alone
  - first and last word always capitalized
  - small words after colons are capitalized

Sam Souder <>
Created May 22, 2008

Perl version created by:

  John Gruber  
  May 10 2008