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Display Mac OS X dialogs from shell scripts using Apple Script (like Linux "dialog" app)
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osx_dialog is a simple tool which allows developers to easily collect user input via GUI dialog boxes on Mac OS X. It uses AppleScript to show the dialogs but wraps everything in an accessible bash interface.


Using *osx_dialog is simple, simply include the dialog functions via "source" command: source

Each dialog is wrapped in a unix function declaration for maximum modularity so you only need call the function and handle the result.


user_confirm=$(confirm_dialog "Sure to delete?")

This calls the confirm_dialog function to show a confirmation dialog with the prompt "Sure to delete?". The result (0 or 1) is stored in the user_confirm variable.

Available Dialogs

You can display three different types of dialogs. 1. Folder Dialog 2. Text input dialog 3. Confirm dialog

Folder Dialog

The folder_dialog function simply allows the user to choose a folder from their file system. It consumes no arguments and simply returns the absolute folder path.

Text Input Dialog

The text_dialog shows a dialog prompting the user for a single line of input. It accepts one parameter which sets the prompt text and returns the users response.

Confirmation Dialog

The confirm_dialog simply shows an alert with an "OK" or "Cancel" button and returns 1 or 0 respectively. It accepts one parameter which sets the prompt text.

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