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Multiplatform emulator of retro computers


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How to compile
- install cmake
- open terminal emulator and make this:
	mkdir build
	cd build
	cmake [options] ..

Options are:

-DQTVERSION=5(default) or 6 - Qt5 or Qt6 build
-DSDL1BUILD=1 or 0(defailt) - use SDL1.2 (SDL2 otherwise)
-DUSEOPENGL=1(default) or 0 - use QtOpenGL widget to draw
-DUSEQTNETWORK=1 or 0(default) - use QtNetwork. experimental.

If something going wrong, fix it - install Qt and sdl libraries and headers
Optionally you can install zlib libs and headers for more functional
Result should be './build/xpeccy' executable file

Linux and MacOSX users can make a deb/rpm/dmg package:
	make package
...or install it in /usr/local/ (linux only):
	make install

By default there is only ZX Spectrum 48K romset w/o TRDOS.

PS: DON'T try to build it under Windows. I'm serious.

Documentation is available here: