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0.1 - 0.4.991
Lost in time
New SDL sound output. Works bad.
build 20110904
Fix Ungrabbing mouse & keyboard on fast disk saving (F9)
New SDL sound, ALSA and Zlib libraries is not required from now
Wrk Rewriting file dialog
build 20110905
Fix Saved disk wasn't marked as saved - it causes false questions on F9 and at exit
Wrk Loading snapshot from RZX restructurisation
build 20110906
Fix Fix name filters for loading disk images from Options window
build 20110908
Fix Fix name filters for loading tape images from Options window
Wrk Sound volume max value is 100 from now
build 20110910
Wrk Rewriting user menu
build 20110913
Wrk Rewriting & reorganize sound
build 20110914
Fix Video layouts list has doesn't display in Options window
Wrk Rewriting video layouts. All of them is defined in [VIDEO] section of config.conf
Wrk Start rewriting EmulWindow. Saving changed disks at exit doesn't work properly
build 20110915
Wrk Saving changed disks at exit return to normal
Wrk Rewriting one of main timers. Fast mode works at 10 fps.
build 20110916
Fix CPU frequency didn't changed from config file
Wrk Start rewriting Settings part
build 20110919
Wrk Rewriting of settings & profiles save/load
Fix Incorrect [ROMSETS] section loading from xpeccy.conf, because of parameters with same names. Your config files may be corrupted, sorry about that.
Wrk Parts of [SOUND] and [ROMSET] section moved from xpeccy.conf to config.conf
!Bug Xpeccy may crush when you change hardware/memsize/romset/reset-mempage in Options window and press OK
Fix I think, a bug above is closed. And some small bugs, which i done today, too.
build 20110921
Fix RR [reg] was showing as SLA [reg] in debugger, but worked properly
Fix Breakpoints was working wrong way, emulator crushed when try to show debug window
Bug By the way, breakpoints still works strange, but it's not fatal
build 20110924
New Now you can add/delete/edit romsets from Options window. To edit rompage doubleclick on the row in romset table
Fix Some fixes
Bug Damn, Xpeccy may crush at applying options and may cause segfault on exit
build 20110927
Wrk [SCREENSHOTS] and [TOOLS] sections are moved to main config file.
Bug "[xcb] Unknown request in queue while dequeuing" crush is caused by Qt4.7
build 20110930
Fix Fix tape loading
build 20111002
New F11 - show tape mini-window
build 20111005
Fix Fix saving tape into *.tap
build 20111006
New Click on 2nd column in tape blocks list to set/reset break point - tape will stop at start of this block
New Alt + F12 = reset to DOS (rompage 3)
build 20111008
New Hobeta files supporting
build 20111009
Fix Fix TZX loading. But supporting is still not full
New Added SMUC IDE sheme, not tested, use at your own risk
build 20111011
New config.conf, [ROMSETS] "file = file.rom" means solid romfile
New ZS Scorpion have now ProfROM rompages arbiter for 128K and 256K rom
build 20111012
New New romset editor
build 20111013
Fix Fix SMUC HDD data-hi port(d8be), add SMUC system(ffba),version(5fba),release(5fbe) ports.
build 20111023
New Showing files on loaded TRDos disks in Options window
build 20111026
New Copying files form TRDos disks to tape and back.
Disk->Tape copied as file with header and standard signals
Tape->Disk copy is enabled only if block is standard (loaded from .tap, blocks 0x10 and 0x11 from .tzx or saved with ROM-routine)
if you select header (Prog: or Code:), name, start and lenght will be taken from header, data - from next block
if you select data block and previous block is header, it will be same as above (header + data)
else case filename will be "FILE.C", start=0, lenght=data size
build 20111101
Wrk Leave endianness detect to cmake
build 20111103
Fix Increase R register during INT and NMI handle
Wrk Change HALT command
build 20111109
Fix Fix screenshot format saving on OK/Apply in Options window
New Ability to set bright of not-bright color - new slider in Video tab of Options window
build 20111110
New Saving screenshots to hobeta files with standard screen inside
build 20111112
New Migration to libz80ex library for cpu emulation. You need to compile and/or install it.
Unfortunaly, cmake doesn't have module for libz80ex search.
Fix Incorrect .z80 loading and .sna saving fixed
build 20111209
New Ability to load raw files (as it is) to TRDos disk A. File lenght must be not greater then 0xff00
Wrk Many rewritings, lower CPU usage
Fix Long AY playing was incorrect (counter goes out of range)
build 20111213
New F8 - RZX player mini-window
build 20111215
Wrk Reorganize BDI & FDC structures
build 20120104
New Automaticly adding boot.B to TRDos disks from ${CONFIG_DIR}/boot.$B hobeta file
Wrk Some rewritings
build 20120106
New Ability to save files from TRDos disks to hobeta or raw files
Fix Remove random breakpoints from tape
build 20120207
New New parameter in config.conf: [GENERAL] section, 'keys = filename' - this is keymap file. See keymap file to get more info
Wrk Rewrite keyboard work
build 20120217
New Auto start/stop tape. Fast loading tape data
New Disk read/write led
Wrk Rewrite screen drawing - it must eat less cpu
build 20120312
Fix Fixing disk type detection
build 20120426
Wrk Separate emulation code to libxpeccy - you can compile it by yourself and use as shared library
Wrk Some code rewriting, no new functional added
build 20120510
Wrk Attempt to rewrite emulation core in C. Almost ready. Bugs is possible.
build 20120512
Wrk Rewriting tape on pure C
Fix Incorrect sectors size during copying file w/o header from tape to disk
build 20120513
Wrk Rewrite libxpeccy on C
Fix Memory eating by each RZX loading
build 20120514
Fix Fixing fast tape loading
build 20120523
Fix RZX repeated frames wasn't loaded correctly
Fix Fix forced fullscreen in some cases
Wrk Fix needless CPU eating with led showing
Wrk Separating RZX-player and Tape-player from main window (see xgui dir)
Wrk Fixing some bugs, adding new bugs :)
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