The first version of the Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy dashboard - the new one is on Glitch here:
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Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy Dashboard

A preview of part of the dashboard

What is this?

It's a dashboard showing metrics for our Samsung Internet developer advocacy work, as well as trends for web technologies such as PWAs and WebVR.

When and how is it updated?

We intend to update it each week. Unfortunately for now, it will involve a few minutes of manual work. Our social media platforms do not currently provide analytics data via APIs. However, hopefully over time we can automate it more, either using APIs if/when provided, automated scraping, or (at least) additions to the Dashboard Updater browser extension.

(For the Samsung Internet team) here are the current instructions:

General stats

  • Add a new stats JSON file with today's date, e.g. data/general/2017-06-14-stats.json, and update with the latest data:
    • To find Medium stats, see here and the followers here.
    • To find Twitter stats, see here. (Ask Daniel for the login).
    • To find Facebook stats, check the 28 day like increase here and look for 'follows' on the right-hand side here.
    • To find Instagram followers, see here.
    • To find the average Github issue response time, see here and click the little refresh link.
    • To get the SEO rankings, I previously used but it seems to no longer work, so I'm now testing at (select "Use" or it will redirect back), using a private browsing session.
  • Update the filenames in src/data-paths.js.

Medium graph

  • Install the Dashboard Updater Chrome extension from the extension subdirectory. Here's how.
  • Visit
  • Click the 'Download Medium stats' button.
  • Copy/move the downloaded CSV file to the data/medium directory & update src/data-paths.js with the new filename.

Survey pie charts

And then...

npm start

This will run update.js and spit out the new index.html, based on the template in src/template.html.

Now this page can be served with any static HTML server. We're hosting on Github Pages - just push to master to deploy.