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A platform for building conversational interfaces with intelligent agents (chatbots)


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Introducing Articulate

A platform for building conversational interfaces with intelligent agents

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Articulate is a platform for building conversational interfaces with intelligent agents. It is built primarily on top of Rasa NLU, which internally uses Duckling, spaCy, and tensorFlow. It implements a custom dialogue management solution capable of deep complex dialog, but with a focus on simplicity in use.

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The Team

Smart Platform Group

SPG is a team of full stack developers, machine learning engineers, and UX designers working to solve the problem of Enterprise data at scale. We love Open Source and are pleased to be able to build open source projects along our journey.

Samtec, Inc.

Samtec is our mothership. Nearly all members of the SPG team got started as engineers, developers, or business users inside of Samtec. Recognizing problems faced by Samtec, and likely by other enterprises of the same scale, SPG was created to address some of those needs. We are driven by our love for Samtec as a company and family to build products that improve the experiences and services of Samtec's customers.


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