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#lang racket/base
(require web-server/servlet web-server/servlet-env web-server/dispatch
racket/dict racket/sequence openssl/sha1 racket/sandbox racket/match
racket/runtime-path racket/list
(define mongo (create-mongo))
(define db (mongo-db mongo "rktbin"))
(current-mongo-db db)
(define-mongo-struct paste "pastes"
([hash #:immutable]
[content #:immutable]
[result #:immutable]
[date #:immutable]
[parent #:immutable]))
(define-runtime-path static "./")
(define-runtime-path favicon "./favicon.ico")
(define (CSS u)
`(link ([type "text/css"]
(rel "stylesheet")
(href ,u))))
(define styles
'(script ([src "/assets/src.js"]))
(map CSS '("/assets/normalize.css"
(define hdr
`(header ((role "banner"))
(a ((href "/")) (h1 "paste.rkt"))))
(define footer
`(footer (span ([id "credits"]) "Credits")
([id "creditsfull"])
"Made with " (a ([href ""]) "Racket") " by "
(a ([href ""]) "Sam Tobin-Hochstadt")
". Styling stolen from "
(a ([href ""]) "cljbin")
". Source at "
(a ([href ""]) "GitHub")
". Fonts from " (a ([href ""]) "FontAwesome")
(define default-placeholder "Racket code here")
(define (main-page req [parent-id #f])
(define parent
(cond [parent-id
(define q (sequence->list (mongo-dict-query "pastes" (hash 'hash parent-id))))
(and (pair? q) (car q))]
[else #f]))
`(html (head (title "paste.rkt") ,@styles)
(section ([id "paste"])
(form ((action "/new") (method "post"))
,@(if parent
`((input ([id "fork-of"] [type "hidden"] [value ,parent-id] [name "fork-of"])))
(div ([class "code"])
(textarea ((id "code")
(name "code")
[spellcheck "false"]
[autofocus "yes"]
,@(if parent
`((placeholder ,default-placeholder))))
,(if parent (paste-content parent) ""))
,@(if parent
`((div ([class "labeled"])
(p ([class "meta boxname"]) "definitions")
,(format-code (paste-content parent)))
,@(format-result (paste-result parent)))
(ul ([class "actions"])
(li (button (i ([class "icon-play"]))
"Paste and Run")))))
(define (format-result v)
(define (out str? cls [drop? #t])
(cond [str?
(define l (regexp-split "\n" str?))
(define l* (if (and drop? (equal? "" (last l)))
(drop-right l 1)
`(ul ([class ,(string-append "labeled output " cls)])
(p ([class "meta boxname"]) ,cls)
,@(for/list ([e l*])
`(li (pre ,e))))]
[else #f]))
(match v
[(vector s o e)
(filter values
(list (out s "results" #f)
(out o "stdout")
(out e "stderr")))]))
(define (show-paste req id)
(define q (sequence->list (mongo-dict-query "pastes" (hash 'hash id))))
(cond [(null? q) fail-page]
[else (define p (car q))
(define parent (paste-parent p))
(define result (paste-result p))
(define content (paste-content p))
(define when (paste-date p))
`(html (head (title "paste.rkt") ,@styles)
(section ([id "paste"])
(form ((action ,(string-append "/fork/" id)) (method "get"))
(div ([class "code labeled"])
(p ([class "meta boxname"]) "definitions")
,(format-code content))
,@(format-result result)
,(if parent
`(div ([id "fork-of"])
"Fork of "
(a ([href ,(->url show-paste parent)])
(p ([class "meta"])
,(let* ([now (current-seconds)]
[days (quotient (- now when) (* 24 60 60))])
(format "Pasted ~a day~a ago." days (if (= 1 days) "" "s"))))
(ul ([class "actions"])
(li (button (i ([class "icon-random"]))
(define (format-code c)
(define lines
(for/list ([l (regexp-split "\n" c)])
`(div ([class "line"]) (pre ([class "pline"]) ,l))))
([class "syntaxhighlighter"])
([cellspacing "0"] [cellpadding "0"] [border "0"])
(td ([class "code"])
(div ([class "container"])
(define (run-code str)
(define ev
(parameterize ([sandbox-output 'string]
[sandbox-error-output 'string]
[sandbox-propagate-exceptions #f]
[sandbox-eval-limits (list 10 50)]
[sandbox-path-permissions '([exists "/"])])
(call-with-limits 10 #f
(lambda () (make-evaluator '(begin (require racket)))))))
(define res (ev str))
(define out (get-output ev))
(define err (get-error-output ev))
(kill-evaluator ev)
(list (if (void? res) "" (format "~v" res))
(and (not (equal? out "")) out)
(and (not (equal? err "")) err)))
(define (new-paste req)
(define content (dict-ref (request-bindings req) 'code #f))
(define parent-id (dict-ref (request-bindings req) 'fork-of #f))
(define parent (and parent-id content
(not (null? (sequence->list
(mongo-dict-query "pastes" (hash 'hash parent-id)))))
(cond [content
(define hash (sha1 (open-input-string
(string-append (number->string (current-inexact-milliseconds))
;; put it in the db
(define p (make-paste #:hash hash #:content content
#:result (run-code content)
#:date (current-seconds)
#:parent parent))
;; evaluation goes here
;; redirect to the permanent page
(define new-url (->url show-paste hash))
(redirect-to new-url)]
[else (response/xexpr fail-page)]))
(define fail-page
'(html (head (title "paste.rkt") ,@styles)
(body (h1 "Not Found"))))
(define-values (dispatch ->url)
[("") #:method "get" main-page]
[("new") #:method "post" new-paste]
[("paste" (string-arg)) show-paste]
[("fork" (string-arg)) main-page]))
(define (go [p 80])
(serve/servlet dispatch
#:port p
#:launch-browser? #f
#:listen-ip #f
#:extra-files-paths (list static favicon)
#:servlet-regexp #rx""
#:servlet-path ""
#:log-file "paste_rkt.log"))
(module+ main
(require racket/cmdline)
(command-line #:program "paste.rkt"
#:args (p)
(go (string->number p))))