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;; Run me in "drRacket"
#lang racket
(require plot)
(module+ test (require rackunit))
;; jordanb says the quotes aren't coming out randomly. I don't
;; particularly believe him, but let's see. I'll find (what look
;; like) quotes in the log, and then measure how often each appears,
;; and then ... somehow ... do some sorta statistical analysis (the
;; details of which are unclear at the moment).
(define (bounding-box vecs)
(for/fold ([xmin (vector-ref (car vecs) 0)]
[xmax (vector-ref (car vecs) 0)]
[ymin (vector-ref (car vecs) 1)]
[ymax (vector-ref (car vecs) 1)])
([p (in-list vecs)])
(let ([x (vector-ref p 0)]
[y (vector-ref p 1)])
(values (min x xmin)
(max x xmax)
(min y ymin)
(max y ymax)))))
(module+ test
(define-simple-check (check-bb vectors xmin xmax ymin ymax)
(equal? (call-with-values (lambda () (bounding-box vectors))
(list xmin xmax ymin ymax)))
(check-bb '(#(0 0)) 0 0 0 0)
(check-bb '(#(0 1)) 0 0 1 1)
(check-bb '(#(0 0) #(0 1)) 0 0 0 1)
(check-bb '(#(0 0) #(0 1) #(1 0)) 0 1 0 1))
(module+ main
(define *ifn* "big-log")
(call-with-input-file *ifn*
(lambda (ip)
(define (hash-table-increment! table key)
(hash-update! table key add1 0))
(let ([counts-by-quote (make-hash) ]
[histogram (make-hash)])
(printf "Reading from ~a ...~%" *ifn*)
(printf "Read ~a lines.~%"
(for/and ([line (in-lines ip)]
[count (in-naturals)])
(match line
[(regexp #px"=> \"PRIVMSG #emacs :(.*)\"$" (list _ stuff))
(when (and (not (regexp-match #px"^\\w+:" stuff))
(not (regexp-match #px"Arooooooooooo" stuff)))
(hash-table-increment! counts-by-quote stuff))]
[_ #f])
(printf "Snarfed ~a distinct quotes.~%" (hash-count counts-by-quote))
(for ([(k v) (in-hash counts-by-quote)] )
(hash-table-increment! histogram v))
(printf "Histogram: ~a~%" histogram)
(let ([vecs (hash-map histogram vector)])
(let-values ([(xmin xmax ymin ymax) (bounding-box vecs)])
(plot (points vecs)
#:x-label "Number of Occurrences"
#:y-label "Quotes"
#:x-min xmin
#:x-max xmax
#:y-min ymin
#:y-max ymax)))))))