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#lang racket/base
(require scheme/contract "utils.rkt")
(define git-versions (make-hash))
(define (git-version [style 'short])
(if (eq? style 'reset!)
(set! git-versions (make-hash))
;; TODO -- run "git diff-index --name-only HEAD --" (just as
;; /usr/local/src/git/GIT-VERSION-GEN does) to see if the working
;; tree is "dirty", and so indicate in our output.
(or (hash-ref git-versions style #f)
(let ([r (run-command "git" "log"
(format "--pretty=format:%~a"
(case style ((short) "h") (else "H")))
(hash-set! git-versions style r)
[git-version (->* () ((or/c 'short 'complete 'reset!)) any)])
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