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#lang racket
(require racket/runtime-path)
(define *the-channel* (make-channel))
(define-runtime-path quotes-file "quotes")
(define *dealer*
(lambda ()
(let re-read ()
;; Instead of, or in addition to, reading the quotes file
;; .. how about
;; SELECT * FROM log
;; JOIN log_word_map ON log_word_map.log_id = log.rowid
;; WHERE log_word_map.word = 'lets'
;; AND (log.text GLOB '[lL]et?s*' OR log.text GLOB '[lL]ets*')
(fprintf (current-error-port)
"Reading quotes file~%")
(let push-one ([all (shuffle (call-with-input-file quotes-file read))])
(if (null? all)
(channel-put *the-channel* (car all))
(push-one (cdr all)))))))))
(provide one-quote)
(define (one-quote)
(channel-get *the-channel*))
(module+ main
(display (one-quote))