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#lang racket
(require racket/sandbox
(module+ test (require rackunit rackunit/text-ui))
(provide roughly-evaluable?)
(define (roughly-evaluable? for-whom str)
(if (regexp-match? #px"\\w'\\w|\\w,|[.!?,;]$" str)
#f ; "obviously not"(TM) text => don't evaluate
(let ([inp ; try to read it with the default sandbox reader
(with-handlers ([void (lambda (_) #f)])
(parameterize ([current-input-port (open-input-string str)])
((sandbox-reader) 'repl)))]
[sb (cond [(hash-ref *sandboxes* for-whom #f) => sandbox-evaluator]
[else #f])])
(and inp ;; it's readable
(equal? 1 (length inp)) ;; just a single form
(let ([lone-identifier (identifier? (car inp))])
(or sb (not lone-identifier)))))))
(module+ test
(define-test-suite without-sandbox-tests
(check-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "") "empty string")
(check-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" " ") "mostly empty string")
(check-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" " \" ") "lone double-quote")
(check-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "singleword") "Single word")
(check-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "frotz plotz hotz totz") "Strings of words")
(check-not-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "(frotz)")))
(define-test-suite with-sandbox-tests
(hash-set! *sandboxes* "ted" (make-sandbox))
(check-not-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "(frotz)")) ;this gives ted a sandbox
(check-not-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "singlewordwithsandbox") "Single word")
(check-false (roughly-evaluable? "ted" "frotz plotz hotz totz") "Strings of words"))
(define-test-suite all-tests
(parameterize ([*logger* (lambda (fmt . args) (apply printf fmt args) (newline))])
(run-tests all-tests 'verbose)))