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#! /bin/sh
#| Hey Emacs, this is -*-scheme-*- code!
exec racket --require "$0" --main -- ${1+"$@"}
#lang racket
(require (planet schematics/schemeunit:2/test)
(planet schematics/schemeunit:2/text-ui)
(planet schematics/schemeunit:2/util)
(except-in "userinfo.rkt" main))
(define sighting-tests
(let ([s (make-sighting "1" "2" 3 #f (list "hey" "you"))])
(note-sighting s)
(check-not-false (member s (lookup-sightings "1")))
(check-equal? (lookup-sightings "snorkuplexity") '())))
(parameterize ([*userinfo-database-directory-name* "persistent-test.db"])
(let ([stuff (map make-sighting
(list "fred" "paul" "mary" "fred_")
(list "2" "3" "4" "5")
(list 9 8 7 6)
(list "QUIT" #f #f "SNORK")
(list (list "znork?")
(list "I" "am" "NOT" "dead")
(list "I" "am" "Jesus'" "mom")
(list "I'm" "fred" "with" "a" "trailing" "underscore")))])
(let ([writing? (not (directory-exists? (*userinfo-database-directory-name*)))])
;; if the db doesn't exist, note some stuff.
;; if the db does exist, check for what we noted.
(if writing?
(printf "Putting test data into ~a; run me again and I'll check the contents.~%"
(printf "Reading test data from ~a~%"
(for ([s (in-list stuff)])
(if writing?
(note-sighting s)
(check-not-false (member s (lookup-sightings (canonicalize-nick (sighting-who s)))))))))))
(let ([s (make-sighting "BOB" "2" 3 #f (list "hey" "you"))])
(note-sighting s)
(let ([looked-up-uc (lookup-sightings "BOB")]
[looked-up-lc (lookup-sightings "bob")])
(check-equal? looked-up-lc looked-up-uc)))
(let ([s (make-sighting "bob" "2" 3 #f (list "hey" "you"))])
(note-sighting s)
(let ([looked-up-lc (lookup-sightings "bob")]
[looked-up-uc (lookup-sightings "BOB")])
(check-equal? looked-up-uc looked-up-lc)))
(delete-directory/files (build-path (*userinfo-database-directory-name*) "b" "bob"))
(let ([s (make-sighting "BOB" "2" 3 #f (list "hey" "you"))])
(note-sighting s)
(let ([looked-up-lc (lookup-sightings "bob")]
[looked-up-uc (lookup-sightings "BOB")])
(check-equal? looked-up-uc looked-up-lc))))))
(define (main . args)
(exit (test/text-ui sighting-tests 'verbose)))
(provide (all-defined-out))
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