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#lang racket/base
(require scheme/match scheme/system scheme/promise
(for-syntax scheme/base syntax/boundmap))
(provide from-env run-command call-with-PATH defmatcher domatchers defautoloads)
;; this is used when this module is loaded, before `clearenv' is called
(define (from-env var default [split #f])
(let ([val (getenv var)])
(if (and val (> (string-length val) 0))
(if split (regexp-split split val) val)
;; Capture the initial path for all kinds of things that need it
(define default-path (getenv "PATH"))
(define (call-with-PATH thunk)
(lambda () (putenv "PATH" default-path))
(lambda () (putenv "PATH" "")))) ; no way to actually delete a var
;; Conveniently running an external process (given its name and string args)
;; and return the stdout in a string
(define (run-command cmd . args)
(define exe (call-with-PATH (lambda () (find-executable-path cmd))))
(define out (open-output-string))
(parameterize ([current-output-port out])
(if (and exe (apply system* exe args))
(get-output-string out)
;; Allows defining matchers separately, easier to maintain code.
(define-for-syntax matcher-patterns (make-free-identifier-mapping))
(define-syntax (defmatcher stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ name pattern body ...)
(begin (free-identifier-mapping-put!
matcher-patterns #'name
(cons #'[pattern body ...]
(free-identifier-mapping-get matcher-patterns #'name
(lambda () '()))))
(define-syntax (domatchers stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ name val)
#`(match val #,@(reverse (free-identifier-mapping-get matcher-patterns
;; used to delay loading libraries
(define-syntax defautoloads
(syntax-rules ()
[(_ [lib var])
(begin (define hidden (delay (dynamic-require 'lib 'var)))
(define-syntax var
(syntax-id-rules (set!)
[(set! . _) (error 'var "cannot mutate")]
[(x . xs) ((force hidden) . xs)]
[_ (force hidden)])))]
[(_ [lib var ...])
(begin (defautoloads (lib var)) ...)]
[(_ [lib var ...] ...)
(begin (defautoloads (lib var ...)) ...)]))
;; In theory, we can have sqlite retry a bunch of times if the db is
;; locked. In practice, it doesn't seem to work, so ... we just
;; ignore the exception :-|
;; TODO -- only ignore the "sqlite3-db-is-locked" exception.
(provide safely)
(define-syntax-rule (safely body ...)
(with-handlers ([exn:fail?
(lambda (e)
(fprintf (current-error-port) "~a; ignoring~%" e))
body ...))