for/hasheq doesn't infer correct type for initial hash table #177

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Originally submitted on: Sun Jan 22 11:48:02 -0500 2012

Causing this not to work:

#lang typed/racket

(for/hasheq: : (HashTable String Integer) ([kv (list)])
    (values "1" 1))
unix "Linux loki 3.0.0-14-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 21 20:28:43 UTC 2011 x86_64
 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux" (x86_64-linux/3m) (get-display-depth) = 32
Human Language: english
(current-memory-use) 664708136
Links: (links) = ("class" "gcstat" "raco-git" "book" "var" "disassemble"); (links #:user?
 #f) = (); (links #:root? #t) = (); (links #:user? #f #:root? #t) = ()

 ("datalog" "scriblib" "html" "racklog" "drracket" "dynext" "honu" "2htdp" "graphics"
 "make" "eopl" "test-box-recovery" "hierlist" "racket" "rackunit" "openssl" "r5rs"
 "algol60" "mzcom" "redex" "texpict" "swindle" "defaults" "trace" "combinator-parser"
 "srpersist" "mysterx" "info-domain" "meta" "teachpack" "setup" "repo-time-stamp" "games"
 "r6rs" "schelog" "icons" "typed-scheme" "test-engine" "lazy" "stepper" "at-exp" "planet"
 "tests" "mz" "rnrs" "db" "web-server" "framework" "net" "scribblings" "string-constants"
 "help" "browser" "tex2page" "mzlib" "parser-tools" "errortrace" "data" "sirmail" "plot"
 "launcher" "handin-client" "syntax" "profile" "s-exp" "waterworld" ".gitignore"
 "slideshow" "plai" "htdp" "typed-racket" "scheme" "syntax-color" "guibuilder" "drscheme"
 "raco" "srfi" "reader" "preprocessor" "compiler" "config" "mred" "handin-server"
 "schemeunit" "typed" "macro-debugger" "deinprogramm" "afm" "ffi" "gui-debugger"
 "readline" "scribble" "unstable" "picturing-program!
 s" "file" "sgl" "images" "wxme" "xrepl" "lang" "xml" "mrlib" "version" "frtime"
 "mzscheme" "embedded-gui" "slatex"))

Computer Language: (("Determine language from source") (#(#t print mixed-fraction-e #f #t
 debug) (default) #() "#lang racket\n" #t #t))
This bug was converted from Gnats bug 12506.
@samth samth was assigned Mar 16, 2012
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