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This is a demo project for Polymer & the Closure Compiler. If you'd like to undertake it for your own projects, be sure to read the blogpost!

The project showcases compiling a Polymer 1.x project with Google's Closure Compiler, giving you minified, compiled, and transpiled JavaScript inside your Polymer elements 🎉

This is not a Google product. It is available under an Apache 2 LICENSE.

Getting Started

Check out this repo, and run npm install-

$ git clone
$ npm install

This will take a few seconds, and generate a compiled version of your code inside dest/elements.min.js. By default, you'll see an error! This is fine - it's just there to show off Polymer.

Now, use a webserver - e.g., serve, to make this folder available. Load up the default port on localhost and check out the compiled element!