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App to encrypt and decrypt strings (Insecurely).



  1. Find the nth index in an alphabet sequence ( a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, ..., z = 26)

  2. Calculate the 'hash' value by using the folowing formula:

    a. If n is odd, multiply by 3 and add 1.

    b. If n is even, divide by 2.

  3. To help with decryption, add a prefix to the hash value as below

    a. If n is even, add the 'e' character as a prefix to the hash value

    b. If n is odd, add the 'o' character as a prefix to the hash value


Word nth Index Hash value Encrypted Value
TIMOTHY 20 9 13 15 20 8 25 10 28 40 46 10 4 76 o28 o40 o46 e10 e4 o76


  1. Decrypt the encrypted string, so that 'e10o28o40o46e10e4o76' returns 'Timothy'
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