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@jenniferliddle jenniferliddle released this Mar 13, 2017 · 380 commits to master since this release

Release 1.4 (13 March 2017)

Noteworthy changes in samtools:
* Fixed Issue #345 - out-by-one error in insert-size in samtools stats

* bam_split now add a @PG header to the bam file
* Added mate cigar tag support to fixmate
* Multi-threading is now supported for decoding BAM and CRAM (as well
  as the previously supported encoding).  Most commands that read BAM
  or CRAM have gained an -@ or --threads arguments, providing a
  significant speed bonus.  For commands that both read and write
  files the threads are shared between decoding and encoding tasks.

* Added -a option to samtools mpileup to show all locations, including
  sites with zero depth; repeating the option as -aa or -a -a additionally
  shows reference sequences without any reads mapped to them (#496).

* The mpileup text output no longer contains empty columns at zero coverage
  positions.  Previously it would output "...0\t\t..." in some circumstances
  (zero coverage due to being below a minumum base quality); this has been
  fixed to output as "...0\t*\t*..." with placeholder '*' characters as in
  other zero coverage circumstances (see PR #537).

* To stop it from creating too many temporary files, samtools sort
  will now not run unless its per-thread memory limit (-m) is set to
  at least 1 megabyte (#547).

* The misc/plot-bamstats script now has a -l / --log-y option to change
  various graphs to display their Y axis log-scaled.  Currently this
  affects the Insert Size graph (PR #589; thanks to Anton Kratz).

* Fixmate will now also add and update MC (mate CIGAR) tags.


_The **[foo-1.x].tar.bz2** download is the full source code release. The “Source code” downloads are generated by GitHub and are incomplete as they [don't bundle HTSlib and] are missing some generated files._
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