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Create & Share Learning Resources to make it easer to install, maintain, customize your Wikibase.
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Wikibase lets you store and manage structured, non-relational data in a central, collaboratively managed repository. It is most prominently used to power Wikidata.

LearningWikibase is a project aiming collecting and developing Learning Resources for using Wikibase to make the interaction with the software easier.

The problem

  • Technical interaction with the Wikibase Software is challenging
  • Wikibase is used very individual. Users have lots of different requirements, so there are a lot of different use cases
  • Wikibase user can’t find enough developer support to get help in setting up a Wikibase Insance

This results in a small group of early adopter Wikibase enthusiasts getting a lot of requests by new users who like to set up and test the Wikibase software. The community around Wikibase already developed presentations and technical documentation, but many new users require one-to-one consultation or face-to-face workshops. Such a concept does not scale up.

The solution

The project LearningWikibase aims at developing Learning Resources for Wikibase (including How To's, Screencasts, FAQs, one-click use cases etc.) based on community needs. The Learning Wikibase Open Project Canvas.

About the project maintainer

I’m Sandra and have been involved in Open Source for a couple of years working as project manager for Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.. I run this project as a volunteer in my spare time.


Content creators, community input for creating Learning Resources and feedback on content.

Get involved

Feel free to contribute to this repository.

Contribution guidelines

Please check out the contribution guidlines.


My roadmap for the project will be:

  • Finetune Requirement + MVP (February)
  • Creating Learning Design for the Online Course + Content + Interaction Platform (Mid-April)
  • Testing Online Course and Interaction Platform on Wikibase Workshops (End-April / May)


CC BY 4.0


The visual design is largely based on GitHub’s Open Source Guides, CC BY 4.0

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